New Exhibition: Photographs from the Arctic

No, we are not a museum of photography – but we are extremely excited to open a new photography exhibition!

From September 24th, we show Hyperborea – Stories from the Arctic, an amazing collection of images made by Evgenia Arbugaeva. She’s travelled the arctic coast of Russia and documented the abandoned port town Dikson, the Chukchi village Enurmino, and an isolated research station by the Barents Sea.

In images bathed by magical light – from stars, northern lights and snowy reflections – we meet a dedicated meteorologist, an old hunter and a lonely dancer. This is documentary photography at its very best, and with a special relevance for those of us living in the North.

Arbugaeva is an award-winning contributor to National Geographic. She belongs to the indigenous Yakut and Baryat peoples and grew up in Eastern Siberia. Her work reflects the relationship between people and nature, especially challenges related to industrial development, changing climate and traditional ways of life. The images in the exhibition date from the period 2013–2019.