Photographic collection

The museum takes care of a large and important photographic collection – almost 500,000 pictures. The photographs are the work of both amateur and professional Tromsø photographers, including Christian Hansen and Knut Stokmo.

We have made nearly ten thousand photographs available on the internet, and in the coming years we aim to make even more images available for the public to see and download.

What images do we have?

The majority of the pictures in our photographic collection contain motifs from Tromsø and the surrounding area. Fjellanger Widerøes flyfoto is a collection that shows Tromsø as seen from the air over a thirty year period from 1936-1969. We are extremely proud to house fourteen rare Dageurreotypes from the mid 19th century.

We also have photographs showing the city environment, studio portraits from different periods, landscape images, and pictures from societies and events – including Perspektivet Museum events. Together the photographs give a unique look into Tromsø’s history from the middle of the 19th century and right up until today.

Visit our photo collection on Flickr

Here you can browse, comment on and share almost 10,000 of our photographs. You can download them for free, or order high quality files from the museum for a fee.


We publish all our pictures under the Creative Commons license CC BY-NC-ND unless otherwise stated under the image in question. This means that you can download the pictures and share them with others so long as you credit the photographer, and preferable mention that you found the image through Perspektivet Museum. You cannot change the images in any way or use them commercially without first agreeing so with us.

Questions? Get in touch!

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