Exhibition opening with Erlend Berge

On Sunday, 1 December 2019, Perspektivet Museum opens the exhibition Behold, I am coming soon! by Erlend Berge. The project began with Berge’s reflection on the uniquely Norwegian prayer houses that are on the verge of disappearing.

In the summer of 2017, the photographer Erlend Berge started living in a camper van and travelled around Norway to photograph the aesthetics of Norwegian prayer houses. He encountered a surprisingly varied ‘prayer-house land’ with local differences as well as a culture undergoing rapid change. Through the photographs, he aims to ‘invite viewers to attend the bazar and the Christmas party with singing around the Christmas tree, before the pastel colours are painted over and the flannelgraph figures fall off the board for the last time’.

Visiting the prayer houses would have been impossible were it not for those who use them. In collaboration with Perspektivet Museum, the exhibition Behold, I am coming soon! now for the first time includes portraits of some of those who opened the prayer-house doors.

Erlend Berge went to Sunday School at Heia Prayer House in Ryfylke and also attended bazars there. He trained as a journalist and has worked in recent years as a photojournalist for the newspaper Vårt Land.

The exhibition Behold, I am coming soon! marks the final year of Perspektivet Museum’s long-term exhibition Homo Religiosus.

After the exhibition opening, Erlend Berge will present a talk about his journey through ‘Prayer House Land’ – Bedehusland.

Programme, Sunday, 1 December 2019:
Exhibition opening. The photographer will be present.
Music by Anne Nymo Trulsen, 2 pm.
Lecture by Erlend Berge, 3 pm.