The Roma Journeys

Between 2000 and 2006, the photographer Joakim Eskildsen and the author Cia Rinne went on a documentary journey in seven countries, to gain insight to the life of the Roma. Through serendipity and the assistance of helpful companions, they were able to immerse themselves into the Roma way of life.

The Roma opened their homes and welcomed them open-heartedly and without prejudice. As their affinity for these families grew over time, so did their sympathy and interest in this suppressed ethnic group. The Roma Journeys became an intimate and personal rendering of the Roma people of Hungary, Romania, India, Finland, Greece, Russia, and France.

This exhibition is a multidimensional and exceptional portrait of a poor and hardworking people, with irrepressible vitality and strong family ties and explosive creativity expressed through music, colors, and festivities. The Danish-born photographer approaches this unknown world with an open mind and empathy. In “The Roma Journeys” Joakim Eskildsen and Cia Rinne step forward and speak up for the Roma people.