Last chance!

Despite the pandemic and lock down, the staff of the museum and our collaborators have been hard at work behind the scenes. For quite some time we have been preparing for the existing small exhibition about the author/ artist Cora Sandel/ Sara Fabricius to expand and take over the museum as a whole. We are now approaching the physical production, and looking forward to opening towards the end of 2020/ early 2021.

One of the exhibitions giving way is Homo Religiosus, exploring religiosity in Tromsø. Opening in November 2014, it has become an important arena and catalyst for dialogue on the important issue of everyday religiosity and faith. A wide range of people of all ages have met, discussed and explored the exhibition through these almost 6 years.

Then there is Knut Stokmo. He is a local household name because of his photo studio in Tromsø. Yet, he surprised the museum staff, the people of Tromsø and people visiting from all around the world with a forgotten past as an internationally renowned photography talent. He documented a time of change and development with warmth and a sharp lens. Along the streets with the photographer Knut Stokmo has been a very popular exhibition since the opening in april 2017. The catalogue from the exhibition was released late 2019, and has made its way to bookshelves all around the world.

Welcome to Storgata 95 for a last look at the exhibitions Homo Religiosus and Along the streets with the photographer Knut Stokmo on Sunday August 30th at the latest. Monday 31st we break out the work gloves and crowbars.