Lunch programme during Sami Week

During this years Sami week in Tromsø, Perspektivet Museum provides you with a broad programme of free lunch conserts, a lecture and the exhibition With an Eye for the Sami.

Wednesday 7. February kl. 11.45: Lunch consert with Wimme Saari.
In collaboration with Gáisi Giellaguovddáš

Wednesday 7. February kl. 12:00: Why is reindeer husbandry so problematical?
In collaboration with Centre for Sami Studies & UiT The Arctic University of Norway

Wednesday 7. February kl. 14:00: Consert with Samisk samspill from Tromsø Kulturskole.
In collaboration with Tromsø Kulturskole

Thursday 8. February kl. 12:00: Lunch consert with pupils from Prestvannet school in Tromsø.
Samarbeid med Gáisi Giellaguovddáš.

Free entrance. Welcome!

Photo: Mari Hildung, Kulturskolen og Matti Berg