A red listed species and a listed building

The gem in our collection, Storgata 95, is a well-known element in Tromsø, and a place from which many locals have fond memories.
This summer the house has gained a new and very keen fan base, something some voices claim is good news. A red listed species and a listed building, quite poetic, one might say.

Also to the indignation of some. They are quite noisy, the kittiwake. And messy. But red listed. Which means there is by law nothing we can do before the young leave the nest, other than proudly (?) act as landlord for a growing kittiwake population.

We look forward to seeing the young on their wings, both for the proud bird parents, but also for our guests, passersby and last but not least, the museum staff. Until then we kindly ask you to bare over with our urban bird rock.