The museum is open!

The museum is open, and showing the exhibition Artistic Dreams  with paintings by the author Cora Sandel.

Sara Fabricius, under the pseudonym Cora Sandel, is known as one of Norway’s great 20th century authors. When she was young, however, being an author was not her ambition: her dream was to become a painter. At the start of the 20th century, the Fabricius family lived in the building which is now Perspektivet Museum. The Museum has committed time and resources to developing a substantial exhibition on Fabricius/Sandel. In the first instalment to open for the public, Artistic Dreams, audiences can see a large number of her paintings.

Our 2nd floor will open mid-June, exhibiting more of the author and painter’s history.

Opening hours: Tuesday – Friday 10 – 16, Saturday – Sunday 11 – 17