Welcome to New Standards!

This Saturday we opened the new exhibition New Standards. It tells the story of the Finnish company Puutalo Oy and its worldwide export of flat-packed wooden houses in the wake of the winter war.

Ahead of the opening, photographer Juuso Westerlund gave a tour of the photographic section of the exhibition to an enthusiastic audience. 

Director Marianne A. Olsen conducted the official opening, with a speech by director of Archinfo Katarina Siltavuori. A packed room then tuned in for an exciting conversation between New Standards curators Laura Berger, Kristo Vesikansa and photographer Juuso Westerlund. The conversation was led by our own curator Marthe T. Fjellestad. DJ Hasto completed the programme with a captivating DJ set – a perfect soundscape to experience the playful and tactile exhibition in. 

Thanks to our Finnish colleagues for visiting and to all the visitors who joined us to celebrate the opening!

About the Exhibition

Originally commissioned and produced by Archinfo, the Information Centre for Finnish Architecture, for the Pavilion of Finland at the Biennale Architettura 2021 in Venice, the exhibition has since travelled in Finland.

Production: Archinfo – Information Centre for Finnish Architecture
Original concept, research and curatorial work: Laura Berger, Philip Tidwell and Kristo Vesikansa
Exhibition architecture: Philip Tidwell
Photography: Juuso Westerlund 
Graphic design: Päivi Helander
Exhibition website: newstandards.info 

At Perspektivet Museum:
Production: Marthe Fjellestad and Mari Hildung
Text translation: Marthe Fjellestad

Special thanks to Ulla Kallakivi and Katarina Siltavuori at Archinfo