New book on Sandel/Fabricius!

Perspektivet Museum exits 2022 by publishing a new book on Cora Sandel/Sara Fabricius: Traces of Sara.

The book is based on an extensive work with her artistry these last years, where we have created three exhibitions:

The authors

We have collected Sara Fabricius’ paintings in the previously published works catalogue. In this book we follow other traces and imprints through various texts and photographs. The articles are written by the museums staff alongside external contributors; one of them being biographer and nestor in the work on Sandel/Fabricius, Janneken Øverland. She brings us on her journey with Cora and Sara lasting more than 50 years.

Other focus points in the book are Sandels actuality (Henning Howlid Wærp), what Sandel/Fabricius herself read (Aslaug Eidsvik) and about Storgata 95 as the vantage point for telling the story of Sandel/Fabricius and the history of Tromsø (Marianne A. Olsen).


The book is edited by Marthe Fjellestad, Mari Hildung and Marianne A. Olsen.
Design: Christopher Ide at Hei Yo Studio.