Cultural dialogue in times of war

Stumfilmdager invites you to a public talk that explores the question of culture’s role in times of war and conflict. Can culture contribute to create dialogue between different parties when political means have failed to? What can be the role of Norwegian cultural actors in the current conflict?

We invited Ukrainian duo Roksana Smirnova & Misha Kalinin, as well as Russian musician Natalia Zazhiguina, who are part of Stumfilmdager, to discuss these questions. They will be joined by festival director Lisa Hoen, and journalist Amund Trellevik. The talk will be moderated by Marcela Douglas Aranibar from the Center for Peace Studies (UiT).
**Free entrance, open to all. Welcome!**

Moderator Marcela Douglas Aranibar was born in Chile and raised in Norway. She is educated as a visual anthropologist with a PhD about totalitarian societies from the University of Tromsø. She is currently the director of the Center for Peace Studies.

Pianist Roksana Smirnova and guitarist Misha Kalinin from Ukraine have played together many concerts. Over the last seven years they have been developing their duo. They came together from different musical backgrounds, combining interesting elements to create a unique musical style.

Natalia Zazhiguina (artist name Lin Valentin) is a musician, artist and songwriter from Arkhangelsk, Russia. She has a degree in linguistics from NArFU (Arkhangelsk) and in circumpolar studies from Nord University (Bodø).
Lisa Hoen is the festival director of TIFF and Stumfilmdager.
Amund Trellevik is a Norwegian journalist and photographer covering Northern Norway, the High North and Russia.